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Energy Savings for Businesses

Some of our most engaged partners were once our most skeptical. But they found that the rewards we connected them with can really make a big difference.

Read our selection of seven case studies to learn about the diverse group of partners that have received extra value by doing business with us.

energy efficient distributor image

LED Lighting Brightens the Bank for a Large National Apparel Retailer

This national clothing and accessory retailer constructed a new energy efficient distribution center in Pennsylvania and installed LED lighting. The kilowatts (kW) savings were aggregated in the
EMC Capacity Rewards Program to enable participation in the PJM capacity market. Large energy savings for businesses like this one are tremendously valuable to the PJM capacity market – yielding a payout of over $80,000* in Capacity Rewards!

energy efficient grocery store freezersInternational Convenience Store Chain in Seventh Heaven Thanks to Capacity Rewards Program

This convenience store chain has 57,000 stores around the globe, many of which are located within the PJM territory. Upgrades to LED lighting and refrigerated cases throughout the stores amounted to significant combined kW savings eligible for monetary rewards! After aggregating the kW savings in the Capacity Rewards Program, EMC paid a total payment of $68,000.*

energy efficiency in beverage manufacuting


Energy Efficiency Project Quenches Thirst for More Cash at Beverage Manufacturing Facility

After making lighting improvements at its Virginia facility two years earlier, this American multinational food, snack, and beverage corporation was able to submit the project into EMC’s Capacity Rewards Program. The energy savings from this two year old project were aggregated in the program to enable participation in the PJM capacity market, resulting in $12,000* of rewards paid.

energy efficient grocery store image

Regional Grocery Store Chain Earns a “W” in with Energy Efficiency

With numerous locations throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey, this regional supermarket chain was able to submit its energy efficiency projects to the EMC Capacity Rewards Program. The energy savings from upgraded LED lighting and energy efficient refrigerated cases resulted in $120,000* of Capacity Rewards paid over four years of eligibility.


hotel lobby with energy efficient led lighting

Hotel Lighting Upgrades Book a Brighter Future

This real estate firm installed LED lighting in its hotels for those not-so-sunny days in Philadelphia. These lighting improvements offered hundreds of kilowatts in energy savings that were aggregated in EMC’s Capacity Rewards Program. Over a period of four years, EMC has rewarded this partner with $20,000* of Capacity Rewards!


dairy distributor earns energy efficiency rewards

New Jersey Dairy Distributor Milks Energy Savings with Rewards

One of the largest distributors of dairy and frozen ethnic foods in New Jersey upgraded their refrigerated warehouses with state of the art energy efficiency refrigeration equipment, earning them over $220,000 in capacity rewards by engaging with EMC.

energy efficient classroom image

Philadelphia School District Learns How to Earn More

In addition to being a bonus for businesses, educational facilities can also work with EMC and enjoy the benefits of the Capacity Rewards Program. A school district near Philadelphia completed lighting upgrades for its facilities, reducing energy use and teaching its students to be good energy stewards. These energy savings were then aggregated in the Capacity Rewards Program by EMC to enable participation in the PJM capacity market. The school district earned $24,000* in Capacity Rewards!

*The payment amounts reflect the total payment distributed over the entire one, two, three, or four-year term. Payments are distributed over a term of up to four years. Note that some projects might only have one, two, or three years of eligibility.


How are we able to convert energy savings for businesses into extra cash for our partners? Check out our Beyond Energy Rewards page.

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