History of Our Company

EMC Development Company, Inc. doing business as EMC Electric Market Connection, was founded in 2005, when we began developing renewable energy projects throughout the world. Our sustainable energy projects were developed on several continents utilizing solar, wind, biogas, natural gas, and cogeneration. The core function of EMC shifted in 2010 when we began rewarding energy efficiency projects qualified as capacity market resources within the PJM capacity market.

We have qualified and bid more than 20,000 energy efficiency projects as capacity market resources and participated in more than 18 PJM capacity market auctions since 2010. Today, we’re the leading independent company in electric market capacity rewards, and we continue to be an integral voice for making this market accessible to anyone completing energy efficiency upgrades. We’re engaged in policy and stakeholder proceedings to help give building owners and contractors more access to energy rewards in the areas that PJM serves.

To learn more about who we are, visit our Meet the Team page.

Capacity Market Resources

Interested in understanding more about capacity market resources and how we secure additional financial rewards for building owners and energy efficiency contractors? Read more on our Beyond Energy Rewards page or watch the video below:




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